My name is Shain and I am the founder and creator of 4Fortitude Solutions'

Why Listen To Me?

A few of my capacities to show you why I believe I'm qualified to create this path:

  • Certified Fitness Coach

  • 15 Years as a Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Yin Yoga Teacher

  • Certified Spirituality Coach

  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach

  • Years of tactical, self-defense, firearms, and martial arts training

  • Formal education in psychology, social science, philosophy, and religion

  • Most importantly, a life lived, countless first-hand experiences that have shown me GOD is with us and expects us to find a balance between righteous resistance to evil & peace.

My story? Let's save that for another day...


A simple and straightforward goal, yet not an easy one; to change the entire world, to halt this tolerance of wickedness, to guide where I can, and to learn where I'm able.

I'm doing what I'm doing because I have been called to do so. We were all created to do the one thing that only we can do. I wake up each morning to perform a virtuous duty to the best of my ability.

white concrete building during sunset
white concrete building during sunset
My goal here is to preserve what is good, true, beautiful, and useful, to eliminate negativity, sin, evil, and wickedness, and guide others down the path to do the same.